Elderly Care Show


For the Prosperous Elderly Care

We focus on the Three Themes
Dementia Care, Care Technology, Human Resources!!

Care Show Japan is a BtoB exhibition and business conference exclusively for industry-related visitors under the theme "For Nursing Care, Medical Care, and Prevention in the Super-aging Society and for Community Development".
It features unique planning and lecture programs, including collaboration with supporting and cooperating organizations and related ministries and agencies.

Continuing from the previous show, the next show will focus on "Dementia Care" and "Care Technology" as special programs. In addition, "Human Resources" will be held as a new special program. We look forward to welcoming all nursing care providers, hospitals/clinics, pharmacies, and local governments.

[Focus Theme]Demetia Care

For Living together and Preventing

Dementia is now the most common reason for requiring nursing care, and with one in five elderly people expected to suffer from dementia by 2025, prevention of dementia is an extremely important topic in today's age of care prevention. The latest information on dementia, as well as products and services that support living with and preventing dementia, will be introduced.

〇Exhibits:Dementia Care Products, Services, etc.
〇Seminar:Government programs, Case Studies, Exhibitor presentations, etc.
〇Cooperate:Alzheimer’s Association Japan

[Focus Theme]Care Thechnology

Technology Make the Changes and Care is Changing

Care Show Japan aims to promote the expansion of use and social implementation in the nursing and welfare fields by introducing the latest products and case studies that utilize cutting-edge technologies such as ICT, AI, and robots.


○Exhibits:Equipment and systems utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as ICT, AI and                    robotics, etc. (support for meals, transfers, bathing, toileting, etc., monitoring                    and communication, support for nursing care operations)

○Seminar:Government programs, Case Studies, Exhibitor presentations, etc.
○Supporting Organizations:Japan Care Tech Association

[Focus Theme]Human Resources

For Human Resources

According to the number of long-term care workers needed based on the long-term care insurance business plan announced by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in July 2021, it is necessary to secure an additional 320,000 workers in 2025 and 690,000 in 2040. This project aims to solve the issues of human resource shortages and short-term turnover in the nursing and welfare sectors by introducing foreign personnel placement, the use of management consultants, services that lead to improved workplace environments, and examples of initiatives at advanced facilities.

○Exhibits:Employment of foreign organization, nursing care management, and sales                          consulting firms, mental health care, etc.
○Seminar:Government programs, Case Studies, Exhibitor presentations, etc.



Dementia Care

Monitoring and preventing wandering, dementia diagnosis services, dementia prevention programs, games/recreation, goods to prevent dementia, etc.

Care Technology

Meal support, transfer support, mobility support, bathing support, elimination support, monitoring and communication, care work support, etc., utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as ICT, AI, IoT, etc.

Human Resources

Foreign and nursing care management, human resource recruitment and training solutions utilizing management and sales consultants, and services contributing to workplace environment requirements such as human resource management systems, employee benefit systems, and mental health measures, etc.

Monitoring Support 

bed sensors, wandering prevention systems, sleep monitoring systems, fall detection systems, nurse call, camera sensors, guardian robots, etc.

Nursing Care System

Nursing care records and electronic medical records, nursing care insurance billing, care plan creation, business analysis and management, work shift creation and management, transportation support system, medication management system, etc.

Rehabilitation Care

Rehabilitation products and equipment, strength training, oral care, educational materials, nursing care leaks, hobbies and entertainment, healthcare devices, etc.

Frail Prevention

Products and services for preventing and improving frailty related to exercise function, nutrition and oral health, cognitive function, and social participation, etc.

Lifestyle Support

Meal delivery service, safety confirmation, housekeeping service/assistance (cooking, meals, laundry, cleaning/organizing, shopping), bedding washing/drying, outings, transportation/transportation, support for the elderly, self-development/learning, etc.

Home Visiting Service

Home-visit medical care/nursing, home-visit rehabilitation, home-visit dentistry, cosmetics/beauty, massage, dispensing pharmacy, mobile sales, etc.


Human resource management, recruitment support and consulting, placement, education and training, employee benefits, energy and cost savings, outsourcing, services not covered by long-term care insurance, etc.


Beds, nursing bathtubs/bath equipment, mobility aids, lifts/stretchers, toilets/diapers, medication support/medication carts, air purifiers, uniforms/shoes, welfare vehicles, emergency supplies and equipment, etc.


 Elderly Care Show 2025 (11th)
26(Wed)- 28 (Fri) Feb, 2025
Tokyo Big Sight, East hall  ( Tokyo , Japan )
Informa Markets Japan Co., Ltd.
Exhibition, Keynote Seminar, Focus Theme Shows