Medi-Care Foods Show


Medi-Care Foods Show

New products and the latest information on meals for the elderly, nursing care, and the sick will be gathered,
Exhibiting at this exhibition will enable you to enter new growth markets and develop new sales channels.

The market for foods for the elderly is expanding along with the increase in the elderly population, and is projected to reach 204.6 billion yen by 2025 (25.5% increase from 2018)*.

The Medi-care Foods Show, which has been held since 2009 with the theme "Bringing Joy of Eating and Nutrition for the Elderly," will continue to contribute to the food and nutrition of the elderly and the development of the industry through the exhibition.

*Reference: "Future Outlook of Food Market for the Elderly 2019" by Fuji Keizai Inc.

Market Research

Food for the Elderly Market Expansion and Forecast for 2025.

▶The food market for the elderly is expected to expand with the increase in the elderly population, growing 25.5% from 2018 to 204.6 billion yen in 2025

▶Demand for shortening time and simplifying cooking will increase due to lifestyle changes and labor shortages.

▶Liquid foods for nursing care at home will be increasingly available at pharmacies and grocer.

▶The increase in the number of elderly people living at home has led to growth the needs of home delivery services. The market for institutional customers, which grew by double digits compared to last year, is expected to continue to expand in the future.

*Reference: "Future Outlook of Food Market for the Elderly 2019" by Fuji Keizai Inc.


Swallowing Foods

Foods for the elderly, soft foods, mousse foods, chopped foods, foods for people with difficulty in swallowing, liquid foods, emergency foods, stockpiled foods, oral care products, etc.

Therapeutic Diet

Diabetic diets, renal diets, low-sodium diets, disease-compliant diets, nutritionally adjusted diets, allergy-compliant diets, seasonings, nutrition management software, etc.

Delivery Foods

Home delivery and meal delivery services, prepared and processed foods (fully prepared products), food with menus, food for commercial use (fish fillets, cut vegetables and meat, freeze-dried foods), meals for small facilities, contracted meal services, dairy products, seasonings, etc.

Desert, Sweets

Desserts for the elderly, Japanese traditional desert(Wagashi), traditional confectioneries, snacks, dairy products, beverages, etc.

Kitchen Equipment

Kitchen facilities and equipment, cooking utensils, catering vehicles, tableware, nutritional management, food service management, food ingredients and inventory management, infection prevention and hygiene materials, sterilization and antibacterial products, etc.

Food Additive

Functional ingredients and raw materials, seasonings, sweeteners, food additives such as gelling and thickening stabilizers, filling and packaging, contract manufacturing, packaging materials, analysis and measurement, manufacturing and processing of highly functional foods and beverages, etc.


Medi-Care Foods Show 2025 (17th)
26(Wed)- 28 (Fri) Feb, 2025
Tokyo Big Sight, East hall  ( Tokyo , Japan )
Informa Markets Japan Co., Ltd.
Exhibition, Keynote Seminar, Swallowing Food Menu Contest