Care Technology

Care Technology aims to expand the use and promote social implementation in the nursing care and welfare fields by introducing the latest products and case studies utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as ICT, AI, and robots in the special program "Next Generation Nursing Care Technology".


Lack of nursing care workers / Reduction of burden of nursing care workers / Promotion of self-dependence (reduction of demand for nursing care) / Improvement of quality and productivity / Technology for nursing care / Scientific nursing care and LIFE / Advanced case studies and applications / Latest products on display

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Meal support, transfer support, mobility support, bathing support, elimination support, monitoring and communication, care work support, etc., utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as ICT, AI, IoT, etc.

●Previous Exhibitors (partial)
AssistMotion(株): Human-friendly Wearable Robot
Ibaraki Prefecture: Joint exhibition of companies related to the nursing care field
Spirits Innovation System Co., Ltd.: Nursing care record software that allows users to view necessary information
L is B corp.: Communication tools
Shiftmation,Inc.: Automatic shift creation service
Social Welfare Corporation ZENKOUKAI: Proposal for the introduction of ICT and technology at nursing care facilities
Triple-D Japan K.K.: Excretion prediction device,Inc..: Handwritten electronic signature type electronic contract service
MITSUFUJI Corporation: From monitoring to solving social issues with vital sensing


 Elderly Care Show 2025 (11th)
26(Wed)- 28 (Fri) Feb, 2025
Tokyo Big Sight, East hall  ( Tokyo , Japan )
Informa Markets Japan Co., Ltd.
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