Pharmacy Solutions Show


Contribute to the construction of a comprehensive community care system,
Supporting the management and operations of next-generation pharmacies in a super-aging society!

Pharmacies and pharmacists play an increasingly important role and function in community comprehensive care systems and as preventive centers in the community. Under the auspices of the Japan Pharmaceutical Association and the Japan Health Insurance Pharmacy Association, this exhibition is an "exhibition and business meeting for insurance pharmacies," gathering products, services, and information to support the operations and management of dispensing pharmacies.

We look forward to welcoming all pharmacy managers, administrators, and pharmacists to the exhibition.

Seminar with the Japan Health Insurance Pharmacy Association

At Pharmacy Solutions Show, seminars co-hosted with the Nippon Pharmacy Association (NPhA) are held mainly for pharmacy managers and related personnel, introducing advanced examples and initiatives of next-generation pharmacies in a super-aging society.
*In addition to seminars co-hosted by the NPhA, we also hold lectures for people in the pharmacy industry.


We have visitors from Nursing and medical professionals and local governments.

Under the theme of "For Nursing Care, Medical Care, and Prevention in a Super-aging Society and for Community Development," Care Show Japan consists of five exhibitions, including the Insurance Pharmacy Support Exhibition, and attracts not only pharmacies and drug stores but also nursing care and medical professionals and local governments. Through this exhibition, we aim to solve regional and social issues in the fields of nursing care, medical care, and healthcare.



Facilities & Equipment

Dispensing facilities and equipment, dispensing machines, dispensing cabinets, accounting machines, PTP sheet picking equipment, sales fixtures, air purifiers, in-store pharmacy facilities and equipment, BCP and disaster prevention, etc.

IT system

Dispensing support systems, electronic drug history systems, drug management systems, insurance pharmacy systems, voice input systems, dispensing audit systems, medication administration guidance support systems, ICT (electronic medication registers), etc.

Management Support

Health support pharmacy support services, medication management, pharmacy opening support, human resource services, customer attraction support, M&A support, consulting, etc.

Consumer Products

Functional foods, cosmetics, hygiene-related products, generic drugs, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, various healthcare equipment, post-payment services for medical expenses, etc.


Pharmacy Solutions Show 2025 (6th)
26(Wed)- 28 (Fri) Feb, 2025
Tokyo Big Sight, East hall  ( Tokyo , Japan )
Informa Markets Japan Co., Ltd.
Exhibition, Keynote Seminar, Seminar with N