Human Resources

This Focus Theme aims to solve the issues of labor shortages and short-term turnover in the nursing and welfare sectors by introducing foreign personnel placement, the use of management consultants, services that lead to improved workplace environments, and examples of initiatives at advanced facilities.

Lack of nursing care workers / Recruitment / Human resource development / Prevention of turnover / Use of foreign human resources / Improvement of compensation for nursing care workers / Career path requirements / Workplace environment requirements / Improvement of business operations / Advanced and installation examples / Proposal of latest solutions

Lack of Nursing Care Workers

The 2025 problem involves an increase in the number of people requiring nursing care and a shortage of nursing care personnel, caused by the "baby boomers" born between 1947 and 1949 who will be aged 75 or older in the latter half of their lives. According to the future population projection published by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, the total population in 2025 will be 123.26 million, of which 21.55 million (17.5%) will be 75 years old or older, meaning that one out of every five people will be elderly in the latter half of their lives. In addition, according to the number of long-term care workers needed based on the long-term care insurance business plan announced by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in July 2021, it is estimated that an additional 320,000 people will need to be secured in 2025 and 690,000 in 2040.



In the 2024 revision of compensation for long-term care workers, "career path requirements," "monthly wage improvement requirements," and "workplace environment requirements" became requirements for calculation of the new additions, which require efforts to improve the future careers of long-term care workers and the environment to support such efforts. This shows that the government is also making efforts to secure and develop nursing care personnel.


Foreign workes management, recruiting for nursing care, solutions for securing and developing human resources for nursing care using management and sales consultants, and services contributing to workplace environment and other requirements such as human resource management systems, welfare systems, and mental health measures.



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